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Re: AccuVote-TS firmware installation instructions:

I had only suggested that Jeff may have been having a problem with the loader.  The problem is in the eprom boot loader version 1.0 that is currently used in production. The problem is that if both the fboot.nb0 and the nk.bin are loaded from the same flash card, when booting from PROM, the system tries to run the nk.bin (WinCE image) but the jumbers are set for the EPROM not the FLASH image and the system re-boots and start to re-load the image.  If the system is powered off while it is re-loading the fboot.nb0 then there is no flash boot loader to run.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 5:13 PM
Subject: RE: AccuVote-TS firmware installation instructions:

I understand that there was a problem with the loader that confused Jeff Hallmark and caused him to have trouble loading the firmware.  What was this problem, and what versions of the firmware were affected by this problem?





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To install the AccuVote-TS Ballot Station software do the following:


    1) Ensure the unit is turned off.

    2) Insert the PCMCIA card that has the BallotStation.ins file on it into one of the PCMCIA slots.

    3) Turn the unit on.

    4) You will be prompted to confirm the installation of the software. Press the OK button.

    5) This will install the software. When completed remove the PCMCIA card.


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From: Tracy Treat

Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 1:33 PM

Subject: AccuVote-TS firmware installation instructions:


Does anyone in Support have step-by-step instructions on installing AccuVote-TS Ballot Station firmware?

I'd like to include detailed information that is approved by Diebold Support staff in the next revision of the Ballot Station User's Guide.






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