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RE: Testing & Set up Tippecanoe County

You'll note I was on the CC list.  Don't know how I got there mind you.


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Myself and 4 other GBS technicians from our Burr Ridge office just
completed a comprehensive test of all Spyrus units, voter access cards
and system manager cards that will be used in the upcoming election. All
of the back-up voter access cards and back-up manager cards were also
tested. I found quite a number of defective voter access cards (112-5%
of total) in our testing, we also found 3 defective Spyrus units and
only 1 defective system manager card. We still have a large amount of
extra voter access cards in this county so replacement of these items is
not an issue and can be revisited after the election. I think we might
of headed off some potential election day problems with this additional
comprehensive testing. The voting machines themselves have been through
2 different testing procedures that checked all election related
operations and functions. The central system has also been tested
multiple times and we plan to test run it once more on the night of the
6th. Larry Calvert from GBS spent a full day 2 weeks ago testing and
checking everything on the absentee and ballot on demand printing side
of the database. 
The election night media results software has yet to be test run; this
last piece of the puzzle will also be tested during the afternoon and
night of the 6th. 
I'm anticipating a number of calls in the morning involving the start-up
of the system in the precincts but as you all know this is typically the
norm with a DRE first time use. Most of the calls should be people/user
problems and not actual equipment problems. If we do run into a few
equipment problems, no one, including the Co-Directors or staff in the
election office, will be able to say they were caused because things
weren't properly tested. My dedication with assistance from additional
GBS staffers to this county has been evident over the last several weeks
and they know our companies will work through any issues that might come

Steve C.

Additional items that need attention:

Can someone please let me know the battery specs for the Spyrus units, I
think it's important that we have some of these on hand for the

Tippecanoe County has not received the case of paper rolls I ordered for
the accutouch units, I still have 7 precincts (15 units) to set up and
cannot complete because these units do not have paper rolls in them. Can
I find these paper rolls locally? If so can someone please send me the
specs on what type of paper is specified for the accutouch unit