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Troubleshooting Info for TS

Bob has asked me to work on creating a help file for the TS for our project
in Georgia. I have an updated copy of the User's guide. However, there is
not much of a troubleshooting section yet. Nel suggested I request input
from those of you who have experience with using the TS in the field. If any
of you have any comments or any documentation that would be helpful to
include I would greatly appreciate it.

I will be putting any appropriate text into a help file, like those
accessible from all Microsoft Office products. This file will be used in
training, and given to the folks in Georgia that will be working in the
regional call centers that will be set up for the election. Nel will also
work on incorporating appropriate comments into the User's Guide itself.

I eagerly await your input. Thanks!

Karen Stubblefield
972-542-6000 x160