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RCR subject lines (was RE: Status of RCR for Wisconsin)

Everyone, please use the original rcr subject when asking for status updates and other follow-ups.  I can almost guarantee loosing an email with the subject “Stuff for county X”.





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    The issue we have here is that the SOVC is a 'speadsheet' format report, with the precincts down the rows and the races/candidates across the columns.  Therefore if a precinct has totals for a race then we must leave room in all races for that precinct.  In the special case where a precinct (or race) does not have results in any race (or precinct) then we could perhaps not print the precinct (or race).  This can also be achieved by using districts (or reporting set).


    I do not think it is possible to achieve what Wisconsin wants with the SOVC report.


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Subject: Status of RCR for Wisconsin


Below is a copy of the RCR that I put out in November, along with a response from Ken Clark.  Yes, it has been fixed to put out the dashes in 1.18, but they need to have only the Precincts that are involved with each race, no dashes or zeros.




RE: SOVC Report - Jurisdiction Wide - Only report Reporting Precincts that are included in that Race

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This has been requested before actually.  VTS used to put a dash for the races that don't fall in a precinct.  Its really hard to do without killing performance.  Right now we fill the array full of zeros and then fill in it with counters like a shotgun.  SOVC doesn't currently know whether the race is in the precinct or not.


Its not a trivial change, and I have a tough time chalking this up as a "bug".  In other words it should go into 1.18.  Is Wisconsin going to fail us over this?  "Them thar races say zeee-ro".  I mean really.






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Subject: SOVC Report - Jurisdiction Wide - Only report Reporting Precincts that are included in that Race

Jurisdiction:            For GBS & Wisconsin, & All Accounts

Date Requested:    November 20, 2001

Date Required:       February - 2002


The State of Wisconsin / Elections Board is requiring that we only report the Reporting Precincts that apply to each Race within the Jurisdiction Wide option.  Currently we report all Reporting Precincts for each race, reporting them as 0, even if that Race is not defined within that Reporting Precinct.  Could we make it a check box option, maybe just to suppress the Report Precincts that are 0.  





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