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Re: Ballot Station 4-3-2

sorry but it happened to me and I don't want it to happen to anyone else
forgive me for yelling
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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 5:26 PM
Subject: RE: Ballot Station 4-3-2

Ouch,, that hurts my ears


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are we going to have access to Create Voter cards on a unit that is set for election without having to reset to pre election mode?




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Subject: Ballot Station 4-3-2


Ballot Station 4-3-2 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:


BS_CE-4-3-2-0.zip       lbdx0thnoqriq
BS_NT-4-3-2-0.zip       lqmduqhnatqmc          

    Merged options previously available in Create Card and Test Ballot dialogs into single Create Card dialog.

    Fixed problem with display of candidate name on ballot when candidate Row/Col option is greater than 1.

    Fixed problem when archiving elections with large file size.

    Fixed failure to recognize Administrator Card at startup.

    In Ballot Station WinCE version, removed "Okay" button that appeared when prompting user to insert Election Media.

    When creating a voter card, require user to select a VGroup in List view when more than one VGroup has been defined.

    Added ability to display ballot with Landscape orientation.

    Changed copyright notice from "Global Election Systems, Inc." to "Diebold Election Systems, Inc.”.

    Fixed problem that causes an incorrect message to appear after canceling a ballot.

    Replace Global logo with Diebold logo.

    Fixed problem with text that appeared on a white background in the voter selections summary screen.

    Added a checkbox option to display the number of cross endorsed candidates in an accumulated total on the AccuVote tape.

    Fixed problem where after failure to download data, Ballot Station does not return to its previous state.

    Change Global logo to Diebold logo in BallotStation startup screen.

Merged from 4.2.4 Released Jan 29, 2002

    Fixed problem when some races were cut off when displayed on a ballot.

Merged from 4.1.11 Released Jan 29, 2002

    Fixed problem when VIBS_Undervote audio played for the races that have no candidates to vote for.

    Fixed problem when keyboard loses focus after touching the Hide Ballot window during voting.

    Fixed problem with label text in Create Voter Card dialog where VCenter KeyId appeared instead of VCenter Id. 

Merged from 4.1.10 Released Feb 20, 2002

    Fixed problem where an incorrect message appears after canceling a ballot.

Merged from 4.1.9 Released Jan 30, 2002

    Cancel write-in dialog with the * key instead of 0 key.

    Fixed problem where keyboard stops working after exiting Write-In dialog.