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RE: Ballot Station 4-3-2

Ouch,, that hurts my ears


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are we going to have access to Create Voter cards on a unit that is set for election without having to reset to pre election mode?




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Subject: Ballot Station 4-3-2


Ballot Station 4-3-2 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:


BS_CE-4-3-2-0.zip       lbdx0thnoqriq
BS_NT-4-3-2-0.zip       lqmduqhnatqmc          

·    Merged options previously available in Create Card and Test Ballot dialogs into single Create Card dialog.

·    Fixed problem with display of candidate name on ballot when candidate Row/Col option is greater than 1.

·    Fixed problem when archiving elections with large file size.

·    Fixed failure to recognize Administrator Card at startup.

·    In Ballot Station WinCE version, removed "Okay" button that appeared when prompting user to insert Election Media.

·    When creating a voter card, require user to select a VGroup in List view when more than one VGroup has been defined.

·    Added ability to display ballot with Landscape orientation.

·    Changed copyright notice from "Global Election Systems, Inc." to "Diebold Election Systems, Inc.”.

·    Fixed problem that causes an incorrect message to appear after canceling a ballot.

·    Replace Global logo with Diebold logo.

·    Fixed problem with text that appeared on a white background in the voter selections summary screen.

·    Added a checkbox option to display the number of cross endorsed candidates in an accumulated total on the AccuVote tape.

·    Fixed problem where after failure to download data, Ballot Station does not return to its previous state.

·    Change Global logo to Diebold logo in BallotStation startup screen.

Merged from 4.2.4 Released Jan 29, 2002

·    Fixed problem when some races were cut off when displayed on a ballot.

Merged from 4.1.11 Released Jan 29, 2002

·    Fixed problem when VIBS_Undervote audio played for the races that have no candidates to vote for.

·    Fixed problem when keyboard loses focus after touching the Hide Ballot window during voting.

·    Fixed problem with label text in Create Voter Card dialog where VCenter KeyId appeared instead of VCenter Id. 

Merged from 4.1.10 Released Feb 20, 2002

·    Fixed problem where an incorrect message appears after canceling a ballot.

Merged from 4.1.9 Released Jan 30, 2002

·    Cancel write-in dialog with the * key instead of 0 key.

·    Fixed problem where keyboard stops working after exiting Write-In dialog.