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RE: Windows Internet Explorer Hosed

Sorry about the last email, not sure why it got hosed.


Hey Steve,


I recommend that you uninstall ICQ(or other messaging programs such as MSN or Yahoo, and uninstall whatever software you put on for your wife) and reinstall it.  
If it still fails, shut down all running programs except Explorer and systray (by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL).  Then re-run the Ndetect (MS IE) app and see if it works.  
If it does... you have some other rogue program that you need to chase down.  If it still doesn't work... you need to make sure you have all current 
updates ( windowsupdate.Microsoft.com ) for Windows installed.  Barring that... you may have to consider reinstalling Windows, but save that as a last resort. 
As for sending you a CD with IE on it, they really don’t’ make one that would be useful, basically the install program is all they send you which then connect 
to Microsoft and downloads IE.  But I can’t stress enough you keep up on your windows updates, otherwise your as vulnerable as it gets, especially 
with putting a bunch of third-party software on there,,,I’m sorry Windows just sucks, that’s all there is to it.
As for the button on your desktop that says “Setup MSN Internet Access”, I assume this came from the program you installed, so  you need to un-install it.




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I've cluged my PC.  I need to tech help.  The net of it is that I've hosed my Internet Explorer Browser by messing with wife's account and trying to reinstall email on her account.  I now have a new button on my desktop called "Setup MSN Internet Access" and my old internet explorer gives fatal blue screen errors when I try to run it. I have alot of error messages written down for the Fatal Exceptions, as well as things like: "NDetect caused an invalid page fault in Kernal32.dll at  xxx adress."  I think bailing halfway thru the install on my wife's account cluged something.  How about if I reinstall Intenet Explorer??  Rob or Ken can you email it to me or send me a CD Rom or something or maybe if you give me the setup name i've still got it on my computer.  I'd download it, but I can't download or access the net at all.  Thanks.


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