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Windows Internet Explorer Hosed

I've cluged my PC.  I need to tech help.  The net of it is that I've hosed my Internet Explorer Browser by messing with wife's account and trying to reinstall email on her account.  I now have a new button on my desktop called "Setup MSN Internet Access" and my old internet explorer gives fatal blue screen errors when I try to run it. I have alot of error messages written down for the Fatal Exceptions, as well as things like: "NDetect caused an invalid page fault in Kernal32.dll at  xxx adress."  I think bailing halfway thru the install on my wife's account cluged something.  How about if I reinstall Intenet Explorer??  Rob or Ken can you email it to me or send me a CD Rom or something or maybe if you give me the setup name i've still got it on my computer.  I'd download it, but I can't download or access the net at all.  Thanks.
Steve Knecht
Diebold Election Systems
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