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Re: Certification Update on Ciber and Wyle

Nice report Don

Keep us in touch with certification progress.


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Subject: Certification Update on Ciber and Wyle

> Jeff Hallmark will be traveling to Wyle on 3/21/02 or 3/22 to do the final
> testing of firmware version 4.1.11 of the R-6.  Hopefully this will be the
> last of the 4.1 version firmware that will need to be certified.
> We are waiting for Jim Dearman to get back with us when we can schedule
> R-6 with Windows CE 3.0 and Firmware 4.3. Series Firmware.
> We will be submitting the GEMS 1.17.22 today to Jennifer Price at Ciber.
> Once Jennifer is done testing the 1.17 Series GEMS, we can send in the
> series GEMS with release notes for the first phase of testing.  I informed
> Shawn at Ciber that all the documentation has not been done due to Nel's
> absence, but the Vancouver office would be continuing the documentation on
> 1.18 by the end of March, or early April.
> Ian informed me today that we will need to go back to Wyle with the R-6,
> configuration 10 of the hardware so Wyle can certify.  Wyle will then need
> to visit the manufacturing facility in Lexington for a factory audit.
> this has been done, Diebold will be eligible to apply the Wyle NRTL mark
> the units that meet the constructional requirements documented in the
> by Wyle.