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AVTS door problems, after installed into Poll Booth

I am here in Shelby County, TN which has 200 AVTS units, along with 200 Poll Booths and the hardware for installation.  The hardware has been attached to the AVTS units, and the AVTS units have been installed into the Poll Booths.  I did some spot checking on the doors, to see if there is a problem like we have in Johnson County, KS. Out of 10 that I checked, there were 2 that need the hex nut adjusted so the point is not sticking up.  There were 2 others that were kind of difficult to get closed also.  I believe that the problem is when the feet are taken off of the AVTS units, then the flat metal hardware used for inserting the AVTS units into the Poll Booth is attached, this then makes the AVTS units bottom almost flush to the top of the Poll Booth, which gives less clearance for the door to open and close.  With the feet on the AVTS units, there is more play in the door, so it is easier to open and close.  I don't know if it is possible to install the hardware along with the feet, to be able to have the clearance that we need, both for the doors and for the workers being able to get to the PCMCIA slots.
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