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Re: Network Hub for Downloading from GEMS to AVTS units

Without trying to be facetious, I don't think there is anyone in the company who is "configuring" based on the parameters you described.  We certainly need someone.  In the interim, I can only guess that the real issue here is getting a few pieces of info such as:
1. Length of time of upload
2. Length of time to label card via printer (are you using a self sticking label or old AV method)
3. Number of cards to do
4. Double the time you think it will take.
5. Decide how much time you actually have
6. Divide 5 into 4 and that will indicate number of units required for time you have.
That's how I configured Alameda, but its all still just theory.  The idea of self sticking labels in the printer
is appealing, but do we have such a thing?
Let me know where you go with this.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 8:47 PM
Subject: Network Hub for Downloading from GEMS to AVTS units

With our current software GEMS 1.17.17, AVTS 4.1.6, and our TSText files with audio; the only fast way of doing a download is via network.  What would be the recommendation for the size of Network Hub, (number of ports), to use.  For instance, Johnson County Kansas will have to download almost 900 AVTS units.  In the state of Maryland, there are two accounts that are just under 2000 AVTS units and the other over 2000 units.  We need to order the Network Hubs and cabling and get this installed and tested to meet the RFP requirements.