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Memory Card Problems - AVOS

Today Placer personnel changed the setup parameters on 222 voters cards without incident, that is we didn't notice problem DURING the first process of inserting the memory cards to change the setup parameter for phone and output device mods.  But during the next process of reinserting the cards for  "reset to pre-election" there were 3 cards with Text Checksum errors, and 2 with Pct data errors.  We lost 3 yesterday from the time we loaded warehouse decks to the time of upload and 5 today. 
Needless to say they are fairly concerned about our memory card problems.  The probelm seems to be just as bad or worse than it has been during the past 3 or 4 years.  4 times we got "ok to format" and by reinserting the card a few times got back to normal status. They are now contemplating asking us for double the memory cards (at our cost) and making copies of every card.  They are discussing contingency plans for election day morning and evening.  This has now become a "big deal" to them.  I am not filing bugtrack, but simply saying we still have the same problems of memory card corruption that we've had for several years.  See archives each election cycle for past emails on same subject.
Steve Knecht
Diebold Election Systems
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