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Re: Manager Cards

Steve, is there any cost to Tulare for upgrading to R4?  How do they handle poll books?  I have included Don V's comments for your information.



I personally donít think we need to be upgrading anyone unless they are needing and asking for an upgrade, or by upgrading a customer it will help us in supporting it from a Global standpoint.

Don V


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Subject: RE: City of Barrie upgrading to BS4


If this is the case, then I think we need to do several things before pushing forward on upgrading their systems.  First of all, we need to find out if they are paying for the annual licenses for both GEMS & AVTS software, to determine if we need to bill them or not.  Second, we need to do alot more testing of BS4NT on the Windows 98 environment, and figure out how we are going to be able to create voter cards for them, since we do not have a Poll Book version for this BS4 version.  Third, are they asking for the upgrade, or are we just wanting to do this to keep them up to date with our latest versions???



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Good Morning Jeff


Thinking more about the process of upgrading Barrie to BS4 and the Windows 98 software they run on, I do have an R4 with Win98 and it is running BS4NT without a problem.

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Yesterday, Tulare County called me at 3:30pm in afternoon (Friday of course) trying to get their R4 ballot stations running.  Tari had worked with them to upgrade software earlier.  The long and short of it was all the Manager Cards they had no longer worked.  Did "support" send out some sort of email that we weren't supporting Mgr Cards to this account?  I sent them 3 via Fed Exp for Saturday delivery, but it again brought up the issue about being unable to make a Mgr Card in the field.  Is there some reason we can't have the program to burn them on our laptops?
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