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TS Open and Close Docs Reposted W/Passwords

am reposting the following R6 instruction document files to the incoming directory on the FTP site:
TSclose-modem - Poll closing instructions using accumulation and modem transfer 
    Password:   89nfj2oslfbnu
TSclose-direct - Poll closing instructions using accumulation and direct upload 
    Password:   fnsl84kowt792 
TSIns-Eng-Span - Voting instructions for units with English and Spanish language 
    Password:   c880pwlna1r2z
TSVote Instructions-Eng - R6 voting instructions for units with English language only 
    Password:   gh9wnaieo73e2 
TSopen-photos - Poll opening instructions with photos of the R6  
    Password:   feji9n9eqnlsx
TSopen-Graphics - Poll opening instructions with graphic representations of the R6  
    Password:   48q9pnjo508jt
These files all contain instructions relating to the R6 unit.  They are all in MSWord format and can be easily modified. 
Please understand that when I created these documents, I did so with a limited knowledge of some of the procedures and was simply attempting to create base documentation to work with.  With that in mind, please feel free to make any corrections and/or additions.
P.S.  I am posting these now and it will take a little time to get them out there.
Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems