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RE: Spyrus capacity

As Greg points out and as you already know, the capacity is 6, so the short answer to your question is no.  I can increase the capacity to 8 if you like, but that still comes up short for this election. 
Beyond 8 would need major surgery, and beyond 9 I start worrying about the user interface.  I don't want to use the 0 key because we are probably going to need that for another option some day (like the * and # keys).
The real issue here though is that no matter how much you increase the capacity, it is never enough.  If you had 9 parties +2 would we increase the capacity to 11?  You gotta pick a number.  Right now that number is 6.
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We are doing a TS election in Plumas, Ca and they will have 8 parties and 2 declined to state -  will the spyrus hold all 10 styles?