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DIMS / DFM Touch Screen Interface Spec for CA. "decline to state" primary

I think by now most folks know that CA. has implemented a law that allows voters who didn't register with a party (a decline to state voter) to declare a party at the precinct registration table or in-person absentee.  They can declare themselves a REPUBLICAN for example but there is one race on the ballot, central committee race, that they CAN NOT vote on.  By using the votergroup1 and 2 filter, we can print up op scan ballots in each precinct for REP and DEM parties, with and without the central committee race.  In theory at least, that gives us the report structure they want of the combined totals for all REPS and Decline to State REPs as totals combined.
However, our VCPROGRAMMER doesn't know about a decline to state flag, or data structure at all.  Nor does the voter card format provide for a base precinct, party, AND some flag for decline to state.  We need to determine via discussions with DIMS and DFM whether they are simply planning on adding two other parties and the reports be damned or they are combining totals in their reports, or exactly how our interaface function will work - or do we forget the votergroup filters and go back to creating seperate parties.  I need feedback from programming before I talk to DIMS/DFM.  Thanks 
Steve Knecht
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