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Re: customer questions

2) abo file customization refers to creating a unique abo file to satisfy Alaska's needs with respect to the placement of write-ins on the AccuVote tape.  3)  I think you want to me more specific about this, then submit it to rcr for revisions.  Do they want to stay in the GEMS 1.11 thread?  Or are they OK with upgrading to the latest and greatest version?
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1) They are on currently. 2) What is a abo file customization?  3) make it easier to input changes after they do their challenged and unscanned ballots.


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State of Alaska is interested in upgrading their GEMS version and would like to know what version, if any, has the functionality of the following:



)  darker ovals

If Alaska is printing ballot artwork with black ovals, the boundary weights cannot be increased.  Red is a possibility, as it is invisible to the card reader and can be increased in weight.

2)  changing the order on the results tape where write ins appear - currently write ins appear first on the tape, it would be nice if the write ins could appear last

This requires an abo file customization.

3)  enhancing the manual entry screens to make the data entry process easier

Could you get the specifics of what they want to be able to do?