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Re: Choice of removing AVTS voting instructions

Hi John
The congratulations are due to Richard Joyal, Dynabec.  Richard was a customer at one time in the City of Verdun, just outside Montreal.  First experience was with VTS which he quickly learned.  His ability and enthusiasm for the Global product is excellent.  He is a real asset for Global in Quebec.
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Subject: RE: Choice of removing AVTS voting instructions

Congrats on winning Montreal.  Iíll volunteer for election support Ė as long as itís not in the winter and I donít have to really do anything except be a tourist J   Way to go Greg Ė you be the Man.


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Subject: Choice of removing AVTS voting instructions


GEMS-1-18-4     AVTS-4-0-8

After demonstrating the AVTS for six days, and observing the "Voter", about 5% read the instructions.  Perhaps the embedded instructions are a little wordy or the font is too small and thin.  Could it be changed to be a little more friendly?


There used to be a check box to remove the instructions. 


The attached is a CurrentElection using an R4 with 4.0.8 with a quick and easy instruction page.  It seems the geezers like large and clear.

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