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VIBS stock audio clips

The attached documents the stock audio clips for v4.x VIBS.  There will be some additions as functionality is added, especially write-ins, but this is the core.  Stock VIBS audio is now stored with the TSText on GEMS, so you don't have to go through install machinations like with 3.x.
The stock audio in TSText-1-18-3 was created with Microsoft text-to-speech so it doesn't sound very good.  It needs to be re-recorded with a human voice.  I am not sure who is responsible for VIBS service bureau work at the moment.
The wording of each clip was picked carefully to aid the "flow" of ballot navigation.  Each keypress option takes the form "to do X, press Y".  Any improvements to specific phrases would be welcome.  "This race is fully voted" is one I find pretty awkward.  Maybe "you have cast all votes in this race" would be better if longer.  Etc.
Finally, I am open to just about anything for the stock VIBS_Instructions.  I had a tough time with this one, because the system is supposed to be self-explainatory.  Instructions to the voter are implied at every step, so there isn't much to say in the instructions.  I am not sure whether people would find a long instruction diatribe reassuring or annoying.  That probably depends on the voter.

Attachment: VIBS.doc
Description: MS-Word document