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V4 VIBS prerelease notes

A preliminary R6 VIBS software release is now available.  Version is up on the ftp site.  The passwords are:
BallotStationCE-4-1-0-2-VIBS  gcb17jhno2nba
BallotStationNT-4-1-0-2-VIBS   labdujhnotqbc
You need to have TSText-1-18-3 installed in your GEMS directory to use R6 VIBS.  The 1.18 TSText will also work with 1.17 GEMS if that is what you are running.
Core functionality is complete.  We think the new user interface is an improvement over 3.x, but you be the judge.  This prerelease is hardcoded to be in VIBS mode always.  In this release the ballot remains visible on the screen simultaneously with VIBS audio playback.  Every VIBS keypad action is tracked on screen as the voter casts their votes.  You can even mix-and-match touching the screen and using the keypad interactively.
There is however currently a long list of limitations:
There are two hardware interfaces for the keypad:  the PS2 keyboard port and the external serial port.  Right now the Genovation Micropad 623 external serial keypad is supported on the external serial port.  You can also use any standard PC keyboard connected to the PS2 port, or an external PC keypad like the Micro Innovations KP17B.  Its not an option on the R6 since the keyboard port is behind the locked door.  It is useful for testing if you don't have a Genovation though.  The R4's built-in keypad will also work.  All these keypads are in "accounting order" like the right side of a full PC keyboard, not phone order.  I have no idea whether a proper keypad is in the works or not.
I have put up a sample database in /pub/sample to play with.  It is not intended for demonstrations, just testing.  A new database needs to be created or adapted for demo purposes.
I encourage everyone to try this out and send feedback.  If like me you don't have a R6 unit, you can always use the NT version on your desktop.