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RE: R6 VIBS script, take 1

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Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 4:46 PM
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Subject: Re: R6 VIBS script, take 1

I think providing an example would be helpful.  
Um, am I missing something?  I gave a complete, concrete, example. 
It would seem adequate in a "Vote for 1" situation to simply tell the voter who they voted for (without restating the race title even), once they've made their selection and no longer repeat any other names, then go to the next race. 
For vote-for-one and not affected by straight party, maybe.  But then not all races are treated the same, and that may be confusing. I also think not even giving the voter the option of listen to all the candidates is going to be a problem.  Certainly, voters who can see get to read them all.  Certainly they should get the opportunity to listen to them all, even if we allow them to skip if they want.
In a Vote for more than one, I think the 7/9 button to move to next/previous race makes sense. 
Can't argue with that.  My only concern is that it almost doubles the length of the instructions played for each race (to do whatever, press so-and-so).  It would work out well as a flag since including 7/9 strict superset of stepping through the candidates with 4/6.  I don't like flags as a rule though.