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Re: AV-OS Manual

Spectrums products fall into categories of:
ballot printing and
absentee processing which includes
  • vote remote software
  • outgoing inserting
  • incoming sorting
  • envelope printing
  • data management
Depending on the size of the account, none of the absentee processing may be appropropriate as they require VR interfaces, quantities of absentee voters, etc.  How big is account and what are the applications your are considering.  Frank or myself can walk you through the appropriateness of an account.
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Maybe hold off – seems I’m getting a ton of stuff from the field folks.


I could use some help with Spectrum – who would I contact to get pricing on a potential mailing services for a very small account in AK.   Speaking of which,  she was pissed – but not so much so that she cussed me.  Anchorage is off the list for this year – but I bet they will be back soon after this April election to get this thing done for good..;




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I believe that I have one at work that I will send to you on Monday.


Larry J. Dix


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Does anyone have the AccuVote Optical Scan “Users/Operators Manual” in electronic format.. I’ve looked at the FTP site without success.