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Re: Accu-vote & digital phones

"Ian S. Piper" wrote:
As the AccuVote only has an analog modem, the only suggestion I can make at this point is that they purchase an external modem that is compatible with their digital phone system and redirect communications out the main serial port connector on the back of the AccuVote.  From a hardware stand point it's possible, but I don't know if the AccuVote firmware would properly communicate with the external digital modem.  That's a question for Guy or Ken.

  It would probably require a firmware change but it could be done.

  I wish that someone could tell me just how "digital" these lines are.  Our PBX uses 4 wires, 2 carry a standard analog phone loop and the other 2 carry what seem to be digital control signals.  All that we require is that we plug one of our handsets into the phone jack on the back of the Accu-Vote and use it to select a line before the AV tries to dial.  Perhaps this would work for some of the other so called digital lines.

  Otherwise we need specs on specific phone systems.  Please, if your customer is asking for support for their digital lines, tell them that we need the exact model number of their PBX system.  From that we can start to do the research.

  Perhaps we can start with what you have in the McKinney office.  Ian?