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RE: Accu-vote & digital phones

From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of Steve Knecht
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 8:10 PM

They are asking what AccuVote capability exists for their schools (they have alot of school polling locations) and many of the distrits have converted all phone lines (including fax - does that make sense - is their "digital faxes"?).   
It doesn't make sense to me, but I don't claim to be an expert on the topic.  I suspect if you could point us to a "digital fax" we could point you at a "digital modem" that worked with the accuvote.
That said, I think people should be pretty careful with this topic unless they really do think they know what they are talking about.  There is no such thing as a "digital modem" -- that is an oxymoron.  Telephones (the things with the keypad and handset) are analogue equipment, period, even if the guy who installed the phones in the schools told them otherwise.