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RE: Recounting on TS

From: Tari Runyan [mailto:trglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 10:26 AM
In a recount on the TS unit -  if you have one race being recounted and you upload the ts totals -  if yyou were to print the ballot faces - would you get the whole ballot or just the race being recounted ?   
Recount on the TS has never been thought through, mostly because the concept is completely meaningless IMO.  Right now traditional GEMS recount doesn't play well at all with TS.  When you unset-for-election to setup the recount race set, you end up blowing away all your AVTS floppies (the version changes) and upload fails.  I hacked around this for Jeff Hintz once by giving him a GEMS that ignores the upload version.  I suppose that is SOP for the time being.
I have asked several times for a coherent explanation as to how recount should work for TS.
if it is the whole ballot -  
Its the whole ballot.
can it be programmed to only print out the race being recounted?
I spose, but what would be the point?  I mean, if you were recounting paper ballots all the races would still be marked.