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RE: Software Install for California & Vibs

    I have a copy of the language packs and the VIBS files that were used for LA.  If you are need executables that allow VIBS to work on Windows NT, they are downloaded into a folder labled "WinNT Media" when you run the later install shields.  The folder is found on the C drive under Program Files.  If you need any of these files let me know.
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Subject: Software Install for California & Vibs

Do we have a current AVTS install that includes the language packs for California, and also the drivers for Vibs???  I know that when we did install all of the software for California accounts, we had to download the language packs & drivers for Vibs, and install those seperately.  Is there any way that we can incorporate all of this into one AVTS install???  If not, who has all of these language packs and drivers???
Jeff Hintz
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