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Re: Software Install for California & Vibs

The language stuff should now be part of the GEMS
standard install (not AVTS).  Mike/Dmitry can hook you
up with a CD.

Vibs requires that sound card drivers and windows
media player 7 are installed on the unit.  They aren't
part the AVTS install pack.  If these are not being
installed as part of the base OS install on AVTS VIBS
units, they should be.

Don and Larry are subscribed to the support list.


--- Jeff Hintz <jhglobal@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Do we have a current AVTS install that includes the
> language packs for
> California, and also the drivers for Vibs???  I know
> that when we did
> install all of the software for California accounts,
> we had to download the
> language packs & drivers for Vibs, and install those
> seperately.  Is there
> any way that we can incorporate all of this into one
> AVTS install???  If
> not, who has all of these language packs and
> drivers???
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems

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