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Re: Look out for 194.p

Accounts in Canada.  Most were changed.  However, some may have been missed.  This was an Accu-Vote from Vancouver that was supposed to have had the rom changed to 194.w
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Who uses P?
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Subject: Look out for 194.p

Used Precinct numbers in database with cumulative counters. Had 120,000 ballots printed with red ovals. Noticed the rom level was 194.p.  Tested a blank ballot and received the prompt "WRONG PCT CODE ON BALLOT".  The ballot looked perfect.  Tried another ballot with the same response. 
Did the usual thing and panicked looking at the 120,000 ballots.  Tried other Memory Cards with the same result.  Called Mike Brown to show me what I had done wrong.  No answers. 
Noticed another Accu-Vote in the area with the cover on and not plugged in.  Just for the hell of it, I turned it on and put in a Memory Card.  Rom level 194.w 
Tried the test ballots and waited for the WRONG PCT CODE prompt.  The little devil printed the label.  Tried it again and everything worked.
Called Tab who told me that they eliminated the requirement for the precinct codes in the cumulative Reportunits after 194.p. 
My assumption was that everything was backward compatible.  Not.  Watch out for 194.p

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