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GEMS 1-11-8 and JResult Client.

A reminder to those support people that are running any of the 1.11 series of GEMS.  If you wish to run JResultClient on election night, make sure the election name in GEMS is all on one line.  If the election name spans more than one line the Result Server will not parse the election name properly, and will produce an invalid SCRIPT.LST file.  The fix is to BACKUP the election, unset for election, change the election name so that it fits on one line, then set for election.  REMEMBER you will have to re-download all your memory cards.  You might want to ask them if they wish to do this.  This has happened to a couple accounts, due to forgetfull minds.  My personal view, I think it is very close to too late for any accounts that have invalid election names, and they are better off left alone.  
Another pointer.  Do not set the "update time" in the Result Server to below 5 minutes.  You will get flak from the election official, they want the results in realtime, but setting the "update time" to 1 minute will do nothing but drag down your system.  This assumption of course is based on larger accounts.  If anyone in the devel team wishes to dispute this fact, please feel free to post:)  Remeber, it is Halloween, I might just egg your car:)
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