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Ballot On Demand - Minolta Printer - Printer Problems

Shelby County, TN is doing Ballot On Demand with a Minolta Pageworks 20 printer.  They have not had any problems in the past.  However, they are now experiencing problems where the ballot will not print correctly, as if the offsets have changed completely.  Once the offsets are entered correctly and the ballot prints correctly, they are able to print ballots.  Then out of nowhere it will start printing incorrectly.  They go back to check the offsets and they have not changed, but then need to change them back and forth to get the printer to print correctly again.  Is this a Gems problem, (Gems 1-16-4), or a printer problem???  I do not have a Minolta Pageworks 20 printer here in Omaha to be able to test.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems