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RE: Email

This is good advice.  Another good tip is to set up a Yahoo or Hotmail account to check your gesn/earthlink account, but again leave mail on server.  That way you can check your mail while abroad using any computer that has web connectivity.
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Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 3:58 PM

What you should do is check the leave mail on server option in your mail client "Tools>Accounts, Properties Button on your mail account->Advanced Tab->Check, Leave Messages on Server", and then when you get back home each week download all the mail to your home computer normally.  You will then have 2 copies.  Remember not to check both machines with the "leave mail on server" option or I will start getting messages that your mailbox is full.  After this option has been check you can then mail yourself the e-mails you wish to transfer to you home computer.