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RE: Email

What you should do is check the leave mail on server option in your mail client "Tools>Accounts, Properties Button on your mail account->Advanced Tab->Check, Leave Messages on Server", and then when you get back home each week download all the mail to your home computer normally.  You will then have 2 copies.  Remember not to check both machines with the "leave mail on server" option or I will start getting messages that your mailbox is full.  After this option has been check you can then mail yourself the e-mails you wish to transfer to you home computer. 
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What if I'm running NT on laptop and 98 on desktop?
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Steve, if you are running the same email program on both machines (ie. Outlook Express) with the same platform (ie. NT), locate some Inbox folder in on your laptop using Find in Explorer, then copy the entire parent folder into the comparable folder on your target desktop.
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Does anyone know how to get email off my laptop onto my desktop?  Is there a directory on my laptop I can copy and then "merge" it with my desktop email? 
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