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RE: AVTS Printer Error Message

Hi Everyone,
I have replicated the problem with the Touchscreens. 
I think what is happening is that the printer prints part of the report and then is unable to print any more.  If you request another report, because there is another print job in the spool queue, it is returning the error. 
I believe that the core problem is that Windows NT is having a problem writing to the printer because, when I clear the spool and request subsequent print jobs, the spooler returns error messages saying the printer is not responding ("Error writing to LPT1, device is not responding"). I have also tried print jobs outside the AVTS application and receive the same error messages.
I can advance the paper feed so I don't think that it is a power issue.  I have tried reinstalling the printer driver and printing directly to the printer and have had the same results (unable to print).
Take care,
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Subject: AVTS Printer Error Message

I Set one AVTS unit for Election.
Started running zero report.  It printed an inch of the report.
Then came up with this error:
    Error writing to LPT1: for document no name document name: The requested resource is in use.  Do you wish to retry or cancel the job?
Any ideas on what to do?