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RE: AVTS Printer Error Message

The symptom from the faulty printer power cable was that the printout would start printing, but after a couple of lines it would quit printing.  There was never any error message on the screen from the operating system or application software.
The sequence of events for the original fault was the following: 
  1. The Motherboard would finish sending the print information to the buffer on the printer controller board. 
  2. The power to the printer controller board would be interrupted by the vibration caused by printing. 
  3. The buffer on the printer controller board would clear. 
  4. When power came back to the printer controller board, there was nothing in the buffer to print and the motherboard thought its job was complete, so
  5. Voila!  end of printout.
The correction was to replace the connector on the transition board side of the printer power cable.  You can tell if it has been fixed if when viewing the two wire cable, it is connected to the transition board with a white four pin connector instead of reddish brown two pin connector.  You'd have to remove the front panel to view the transition board connections.
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    This message comes from the WinNT print manager.  I think there may be a hardware problem on that unit.  Ian had mentioned a while ago that on some units the power connection to the printer would shake loose and the printer would stop printing.
Ian do you have any comments?
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Subject: AVTS Printer Error Message

I Set one AVTS unit for Election.
Started running zero report.  It printed an inch of the report.
Then came up with this error:
    Error writing to LPT1: for document no name document name: The requested resource is in use.  Do you wish to retry or cancel the job?
Any ideas on what to do?