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Re: FTP has moved to Lucy

When I click the old "favorites" address in my list I still hang in accessing the ftp site.  But If I click on the address in your email, it goes into the pub directory.  So the "address" underlying the two must be different somehow in the "cache" or something of the explorer or cuteftp setups. A thought.
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Sent: Friday, August 18, 2000 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: FTP has moved to Lucy

Robert Chen wrote:
I am having the same problem as Jeff and its giving me similar symptoms as when Steve had his problem logging onto the ftp site.  I have tried logging on with IE (locks up) and command line ftp (it finds ns1.gesn.com and then locks up).

  Okay, so Steve's problem was different and he's taken care of.  So Rob, can I assume that you are able to access other anomymous FTP sites?  Can you access http://ftp.gesn.com/pub ?  If so, can you try accessing ftp://ftp.gesn.com and carefully record the progression of messages (this might take a few attempts).  Then send those to me along with your IP address?  Feel free to get me on the phone while you're doing this.