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RE: FTP has moved to Lucy

Hi Guy,
I am having the same problem as Jeff and its giving me similar symptoms as when Steve had his problem logging onto the ftp site.  I have tried logging on with IE (locks up) and command line ftp (it finds ns1.gesn.com and then locks up).
Take care,
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Jeff Hintz wrote:
What do you think Guy???
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We experienced a similar problem about 3-4 weeks ago; at that time Guy Lancaster found that there was a problem with a router a the ISP.  Ask Guy to do a similar trace.Rob

  I don't think that it's the same problem but I still have little idea what the problem is.  This is the first case that I've heard of where IE locks up (i.e. not responding).  I have to wonder what an FTP site could do to cause that.

  A few comments and questions.  First, there is a fair bit of FTP activity lately but no sign of yours Jeff.  Not that this means much because the logs record the IP address and the login information of each request so if you're calling in from a dial up connection and if you haven't set up your anonymous FTP password as your email address (the default is IE40User which doesn't help much), it is very difficult to identify which entries are yours.  Unfortunately I'm still using Netscape so I don't know off hand how to do this for IE but I'm sure that Mike could help there.

  Second, have you tried to access other anonymous FTP sites?  There is a nice list of RedHat Linux mirror sites at http://www.redhat.com/mirrors.html .  If not, you may need to reinstall something.

  Third, have you tried using the the Web URL http://ftp.gesn.com/pub ?  This was set up for those that had trouble using FTP behind firewalls.  It should work fine for download but cannot be used for uploads.

  Finally, even if the Web URL works I would still like to know why the FTP URL does not.  When Steve and Rob were having a problem, I had Steve on the phone while he tried various things and finally we realized that IE was translating the URL to one using a private address that he couldn't access over the Net.  That problem has been fixed.  If you can, phone me while your are connected and we'll try to work this out.  If you can't (i.e. you've only got a single line), then please pay careful attention to all the messages that IE shows (or flashes) as it tries to access the FTP site.  There has to be a hint in there somewhere.  Let me know what IP address you are connecting from so I can find your entries in the logs.

  And if anyone else is having trouble with this, please let us know.