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Re: Cleaning cloths for AV-TS Units

Isn't it about time the Company hired a few people to work the telephones to
sell our election supplies to our customer base.  We are leaving thousands
of dollars in profit and a fantastic opportunity  to provide service to a
captive group that crave to talk to us.
Just think, if this group called every potential customer selling election
supplies, we might even get a few leads.
Talk about a natural.
Been there and done that!~

Greg Forsythe
Global Election Systems, Inc
24 Hirondelle Place,
Toronto, Ontario M3A 1V8
Phone (416) 446-1383
Fax (416) 446-1425
gfglobal@earthlink.net      www.gesn.com

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Subject: Cleaning cloths for AV-TS Units

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