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Cleaning cloths for AV-TS Units

I would like to clarify the recommended cleaning cloth to be used on all
AV-TS Unit Touch Panel surfaces.

It is available from Wal-Mart Optical Departments.  Ask for a "Lens Cleaning
Cloth with Microfibres".  Also identified by Wal-Mart's part number
K-788-SWB.  It approximately eight (8) inches square and comes in a variety
of colors.

They're approximately $1.50 each and they are reuseable for quite a number
of units.  How many units depends on how dirty the AV-TS unit touch panels
are when you clean them.  These cloths remove fingerprints and smudges from
the touch panel surface without effort.  These cloths do not have abrasive
fibres and are not impregnated with chemicals.  Do not wash them in an
attempt to extend their life.  Buy a new one.

It is recommended that they be used dry.   Do not use them with a liquid
(e.g., isopropanol, ammonia).  Liquid solvents and glass cleaners will cause
the laminates of the touch panel to separate.

Again, I stress to not use any liquids (e.g., isopropanol, Windex, etc.) on
the touch panel surface or its surrounding bezel.

I recommend that all support staff involved with AV-TS units pick up a
couple of these items to have on hand.  Global will only purchase these
cloths for production purposes.  We will not stock them.

Ian S. Piper
Manufacturing Manager
Global Election Systems, Inc.