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VTS: Official Options For Withdrawn Candidates?

  Florida is facing withdrawn candidates on state-wide races so this affects all customers there.

  The only way currently to handle withdrawn candidates in VTS is to mark the candidate as WITHDRAWN and then these candidates will be filtered out on upload so that they do not appear on the monitor results and the election reports.

  This procedure can only be done after one or more memory cards have been downloaded.  Go in to Prepare For Election -> Enter Races, Questions & Candidates -> Enter Candidates.  Select the affected race and the withdrawn candidate within this race and press Delete (F3).  You will be prompted for "Do you wish to WITHDRAW the candidate: N".  Press Y.

  This changes the COMMENT field of the candidate to WITHDRAWN.  This will not affect memory cards downloaded after this change so votes for the candidate will still be counted and reported on the Accu-Vote report tapes.  However the withdrawn candidates will be filtered out on upload and will not show on VTS reports.

  I am getting regular requests for how to prevent the candidate from showing on the Accu-Vote tapes.  There is no way to do this currently short of actually deleting the withdrawn candidates and then re-laying out the ballots so that they match the printed ballots.

  Although technically it would be possible to add the ability to filter out these candidates on download, it would require a new VTS patch which would need to be certified before use and is therefore not an option for this election season.

  I will be seeking confirmation that the above statements are fully correct before distributing this information for our Florida customers.