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Re: Best low cost printer for VTS?

This thread is nonsense.  If they can't afford a 11x17 postscript printer for "occasional low volume use", then they certainly can't afford GEMS/VTS.  Refer them to our service bureau.
I agree.  At least with VTS accounts.  Any change in SOP causes mass confusion.  Any customization of drivers will likely cost us more in the value of installation time than the difference of price between the two printers. 
It has been my experience small jurisdictions who had opted for less expensive printers which are not capable of tabloid sized printouts were soon dissatisfied.  They would generally find the funds to upgrade their capability in order to print full sized proofs.
As for GEMS, I have found a wide carriage Canon bubble jet printer to be adequate though slow to print forms and proofs.  But here too it would ease the burden of our support personnel by keeping the number of approved printers to a bare minimum.
Steve R.