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RE: Gems - XEndorse option

In order for us to finish the PA certification we will need to have this working.  Everything else that you added to Gems and AVTS for the PA certification is working great.  The sales staff for PA have not set up a date yet to go back for final certification, but until we have the XEndorse option working, we cannot get back for final certification.  I believe that they wanted to get back as soon as we had everything tested and working to meet their laws.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 3:25 PM
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Subject: RE: Gems - XEndorse option

Not working yet.  Work started but then the account that needed it fell through.  All the data structures on the GEMS side should be there, and most of the work was completed, but it was safer to gray out the flag than to break something if no one was going to use it.  AVTS side I am not sure.
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Subject: Gems - XEndorse option

I am trying to set up an election for the PA Certification test and they have the option for a candidate to be a Cross Endorsement within a race.  I have set up my 3 Voter Groups - Republican, Democratic, & Independent.  After I have put in the Straight Party - Endorsement race, I go to add a new race and select the Straight Party endorsement option, then go to add my candidates, but the XEndorse option button is grayed out.  Is this option not working yet, or am I not setting something up correctly???
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems