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Re: Ballot card blank on back only

The header concept was an attempt to have a floating item that preceeded the first race on the back side as the ballot formats may differ in a given ballot layout.  The person asking the question understands that the ES&S optical scan system assigns voting positions on the ballot for common races and could perhaps identify the back side as it would be the same across all ballot styles.
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Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 2:40 PM
Subject: RE: Ballot card blank on back only

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A discussion ensued regarding making a header for the second side trigger the condition. 
The AccuVote does not see headers.  I might not be following what you mean here though.
Has anyone ever fielded this question before?
No, but it is an interesting question.  Right now, the only options are to return on blank race or blank card.  For the version 2 AccuVote, we will also support rejecting on a race-by-race basis, to handle the so-called pollworker initials race.  That is not quite what they want either though. 
Certainly it would be possible to create a flag to reject on blank side, although my gut feeling says that keeping it simple outweighs the utility here.  Could be convinced otherwise if a lot of people really want to see this though, or if Travis wants to pay for it.