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RE: On-line GEMS Help

I appreciate the customers willingness to help with documentation, but I am not sure that is the direction we should take.  I always question ownership, request for payment or other favors/promises in return for writing the documentation.  Since GEMS is a Global product, I would think that we would want to maintain it. 


My personal humble opinion at this point is that anyone who writes any documents of any kind should be cut a cheque for whatever they want. 


That said, I am going to float an unsubstantiated rumor that something is being looked into regarding online help.  Those who try to substanciate this rumor will not be apprised the next time.  You might have noticed detailed support and bugtrack questions being posted recently from a support person who does not often do that.  I'd hold off on bringing in third parties until it looks like that is going to fizzle.

Ken, do you have any thoughts on help being field sensitive, as opposed to drop down help with key words? 


The framework is set up so it can be context sensitive.  Its all in html;  the context can be attached to a hyperlink.