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Re: On-line GEMS Help

Once the documentation is written in an MS Word format, there is a program that we can use called "Text-to-Help" which converts the MS Word text format into a Windows Help structure that can be bundled with the GEMS program.  We don't have the finished MS Word documents to work from yet.  We can wait for those  to be completed or perhaps we can convert existing documentation (scary!) and revise later.
Back to you Larry D.
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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 11:39 AM
Subject: RE: On-line GEMS Help

It is a matter of finding the time and resources to get this accomplished.  I appreciate the customers willingness to help with documentation, but I am not sure that is the direction we should take.  I always question ownership, request for payment or other favors/promises in return for writing the documentation.  Since GEMS is a Global product, I would think that we would want to maintain it.


Ken, do you have any thoughts on help being field sensitive, as opposed to drop down help with key words?


It is on my agenda to address this, but I do not have any definite answers at this time.





Larry J. Dix

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Subject: On-line GEMS Help


I have customers willing to write Global documentation for on-line help so that GEMS will have something.  What I don't know is how they would set it up or how this is done.  Can someone describe the process?  Is it field level or like in Word where you'd choose key words?


Larry, is there any plan to address this?  It will be part of the User Group meeting.