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RE: Rowan County, NC - Same Vote Center Category for Cumulative Counter Groups

If you look at the database, they have it almost set up right.  They just need to delete that extra Cumulative Counter Group.  The have the report precincts set up OK.  With a small test that I did here, the AVTS loaded up results with the current definition with no problem.


Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems


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Rowan County, NC has set up their election with 2 Cumulative Counter Groups that both have the same Vote Center Category.  I don’t know if this is possible or not, but after downloading their memory cards and running ballots thru the Accu-Vote, and then run an ender card they get the message: Absentee Count Card Expected.  If this is the correct way of setting up the Cumulative Counter Groups, is there a special Absentee Count Card needed for getting the results into Gems??? 


What you describe makes sense, but without knowing Rowan it is safe to say its not set up the way they would want.

After talking with Nancy from Rowan County, what they would like is 3 separate Cumulative Counter Groups, 1 for Absentee, (both Walk-In & Mail), 1 for Transfers, and 1 for Provisionals, and they would like to be able to have separate results for each of these groups.  


Sounds like they want 1 cumulative counter group "cumulative" and three cumulative report precincts "absentee", "transfers", and "provisionals".

I have no problem changing this for them, however, they have already programmed their disks for the AVTS units & are currently voting on those, which are included in the Cumulative Counter Group.  


Woah.  Are you sure these even upload?  Cumulative counter groups and AVTS don't really mix.  How many ballots have been voted?

When I go and make these changes, I no longer have valid disks for the AVTS units.  How can I fix this problem for them???? 


I'll take a look.