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Re: PollBook 3.12.5 - Verify History

In the poll book when ever a card is created an entry is created in the pollbook audit log indicating that a card was created along with the basic information on the card. 
In the record you have show the 'voterId is '123na744y' (which is what you entered), the internal party id is '2' the internal level1 Id is '1073741825' the internal level2 Id is '6' and the internal level 3 Id is '1'.  The level1Id refers to the precinct, the level2Id refers to the precinct portion (baseunit in gems terms) and the level3Id is unused.
As for the VoterHistory this is not being recorded in the current release and that is why the VoterHistory screen shows nothing.
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From: Jane Barth
To: support
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 7:27 AM
Subject: PollBook 3.12.5 - Verify History

Hi All,
Selected Verify History option, put in 123na744y for voter id, selected the first precinct and party as Democrat.  Then loaded totals, went to Options - Audit.  This is what it displays.
4/13/00 15:05:13 - Card Created: ID123na744y, Party 2, Level 1-1073741825, Level 2-6, Level 3-1
Can anyone enlighten me with what this all means?  Also, within this screen selected Voter History button and nothing is displayed?