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Memory Card Corruptions

Yesterday, during Marin's canvass, after recounting 6 precincts completely, (3) more memory cards were corrupted.  Cards were corrupted throughout California at a rate exceeding our normal 1 in 100 that we've been seeing.  Marin is now up to 8 cards corrupted out of 114.
Prior to Super Tuesday I recommended to Ian that we send 1 person with equipment, log books, or whatever is required to a single site, any site, and have them there during the election process - from beginning to end - to observe and gather information on how these cards are being corrupted. 
This issue, along with AccuVotes needing to be turned off and on repeatedly during the day to reset them, or AccuVotes just dying in the middle of the day due to Readers failing has gotten to epidemic proportions.  Fresno, Marin, Tulare, and Humboldt all replaced about 10% of their units in the field on election day for a variety of reasons.  We will be having a user group meeting in California in the near future.  These corruptions and failures are no longer going to be seen as isolated and will begin impacting our reference selling ability and confidence in the product. 
Again, I'd suggest an engineering team be placed at any large site on an election day to capture information on memory card corruption and AccuVote failures before this situation begins affecting sales.