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RE: USRobotics 56kb modems

Fresno worked fine with the Digi Modems.  They had 40 of them.  We just
received our own test Digi Modems for McKinney.  When I have time I will
hook them up.   Some differences in the 2 configurations.  Fresno had 2 Digi
Xem cards to power the modems.  3 modem Boxes per card, max.  Puerto Rico
ran there modems through the Port Server vie Ethernet using Real Port.


Mike Brown
1611 Wilmeth Road
McKinney, TX 75069-8250

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Since I do not have a Digi AccelPort/MODEM box here Omaha, it is a little
hard to say Yes it does work.  Unless we have a site set up, i.e.: Puerto
Rico, Fresno with the latest version of Gems and the multiple phone lines
with the "Hunting" feature, I would have to say "NO" the Digi
AccelPort/MODEM box does not work.  Even though we used the Digi
AccelPort/MODEM box in Puerto Rico and it was capable of doing Modem
Uploads, it was not without problems.  First of all the "Hunting" feature
that the phone company set up in Puerto Rico did work when just calling
directly to the main telephone number on multiple phones.  However, when
you tried doing this with the Digi AccelPort/MODEM box it would only answer
and connect with the first call, not any others.  Also, during the
Uploading process, sometimes the ports would get hung up, and we would have
to reset the box.  Mike Brown knows of these problems, and said he was
going to look into this.  Mike didn't know if it is actually the Digi
AccelPort/MODEM box or the actual setup of the Host computer, that was
causing these problems.  If we have a Digi AccelPort/MODEM box there in
corporate, I think it should be set up and tested there, before we give the
final "YES" answer.

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  In the past, the 56k external USRobotics modem was not recommended for

  Is this still true?

Short answer yes.  Long answer, I don't think anyone has tried a 56k modems
with the 1.14/1.15 revamped modem handling yet.  They might work now for
I know.  It would require significant testing before committing to a real
account though.

A more interesting question is, now that we have survived Puerto Rico and
Fresno, are the Digi AccelPort/MODEM boxes on the official "supported"
I suspect the short answer to that is "yes", although the people having to
do said support should make the call.


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