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RE: Simple Rotation

A small town in Alberta would like to use an Accu-Vote for a special election. 
One race, one Accu-Vote, seven candidates, vote for one.  Real easy, except they would like to rotate the candidates from ballot to ballot.   
Its one race one AccuVote so you can kludge this even though we don't rotate by ballot.  Create seven bogus precincts and use precinct rotation.  Set up the AccuVote as a combined absentee, but call that counter group "jurisdiction wide" or similar.  When you report, just print the summary for the combined absentee. 
You could also just put all seven precincts on one memory card.  Then you could give them an SOVC by rotation :-).
Note this trick falls down once your small town has more than one race.  In this case your small town will need to come up with some not-so-small funds.