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Re: Memory Cards in Marin

Steve Knecht wrote:
Suggestion: Rather than hoping that pollworkers and rovers who know very little to report all the necessary pieces of information that we'd like, could Global instead have Guy attend one of these primary elections where we've got 100+ AccuVotes in the field for the first time.  With the number of units affected in Fresno or Marin we would have a veritable host of information for him.
  I'm sure that you could use the help but I couldn't do much to research the problem in the field.  In fact I'm frustrated that I can't do much research at all because these memory card problems seem to need hardware diagnostics and I can only help so much with software.

  I could of course run around with a set of forms and fill out the details of each occurance but anyone that can read and write could fill out such a form.  The problem is that we choose to keep quiet about this problem.  Ideally all rovers would be equiped with forms and, when a memory card corruption occured, they would fill it out and a copy would be sent back to us.  Would this really be any different than our own staff running around filling out these forms?

Guy do you want this "election marin" memory card sent to you?  Bonnie, could you please fax to my ofc the form to send an international fed exp?
  Sure, send me the card and I'll try to figure out what's happening.  Bonnie will fax you the commercial invoice.  BTW, she's wondering what became of the memory card that you were sending last week.

  Steve, I understand your frustration.  There's nothing worse than being in the front lines when these problems hit and we don't have answers.  We're all frustrated by it.